A blog entry! 2014 - 2018 Part 3.


Last September the itchiness started again after watching Jamie win gold with the GB team, and especially when I found out about Indoor Archery Ltd. I?m not 100% sure, being sort of out of the loop for a while but, I?d say there can?t be many if any other dedicated archery shooting ranges in the UK? By that I mean facilities not attached to an archery shop, such as Merlin, Chiltern Archery or Aim4Sport for example who have a range to facilitate the retail side of the business. Indoor Archery Ltd is purely an Indoor shooting facility, with lane hire, that also offers courses, have-a-go?s, corporate groups etc. When I found out about the place I was blown away. I even emailed Paul the owner straight away mumbling something like ?Wow how come I haven?t heard about you guys until now!??. The best thing about it for me is that it?s less than 10 minutes from where I work. I now suddenly had somewhere to shoot during my lunch hour. I almost straight away booked an hour online for the following Monday, and also emailed NAC and organised renewing my club membership.

I went through my kit, dug out some 30lb limbs, some old 1916 XX75?s and wound out the riser bolts. Couldn?t wait to get down there. Monday came. I timed the journey from work to Indoor Archery to be 8 minutes. Realistically I was only going to get 35-40 minutes shooting time on these lunch visits but still worth it. The facility itself is great, 22 lanes I think, plenty of space. Paul and Jack are ultra friendly. Fingers crossed that the business grows and is here for many years.

Shooting was tough. 29lbs on my fingers to start with, very shaky. Later that week I cleared the garage just enough for me to shoot. Over the next few weeks, shooting twice a week at Indoor Archery and maybe twice a week in the garage, gradually getting a bit more comfortable and upping the weight to 34lbs. The 1916?s were still a bit stiff at this poundage but the groups were starting to improve. At the beginning of October I could start shooting with the club again on Thursday nights at Moulton College. By the middle of November I was up to 38lbs, and got myself a new set of 2014 X7?s. I scored my first Portsmouth round on the 15th Nov, managing 575 which I was really happy with. Still a little shaky, especially in the second half of the draw, before anchoring. The timing through the clicker was generally ok for the first two arrows of each end, but I was still getting tired quickly. 38lbs is definitely enough. Shot another round a few weeks later on 29th scoring 569 including a 4. Only two 8?s though.

Shot several more rounds through December and it?s starting to feel pretty good. I?m still capable of shooting a shaky 7 occasionally. NAC shoot at Indoor Archery on Tuesday night and I managed to get down there on 8th Jan and scored a 582 including two 8?s and a 7. This round felt great. Controlled relaxed shots, still generally the first two of each end, go in the middle.

Finally bringing things up to date! Most weeks I?ve been managing to get down to IA on Monday and Thursday lunchtimes, sometimes Friday too. And shooting at Moulton most Thursday evening. Yesterday lunchtime I got the chance to catch up with Jamie. He?s been shooting at IA ahead of Vegas in early Feb. I?d messaged him last week to let me know if he was planning on being down there at all. Really good to see him and chat about some of what he?s managed to achieve recently. I made it over to Moulton in the evening, shot another round managing a tired 575, not really drilling the middle too much.

This weekend it?s my first competition back. Archers of Raunds 41st Open Portsmouth. Session A. So great to see a familiar name on the target list just before mine on target no.5, Mr Simon Bunker. I haven?t seen his name on a results sheet for a long time so I assume like myself, he?s back after a long break. Wouldn?t it have been great to see a few other names on there too. Simon Wilkinson, Ian Hannaford, Bradley Denny, Ian Matthews, Glenn Taylor, Clive, Jamie, ?and of course Chris Mason.


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Now THERE's a blast from the past!!! I still get updates for your blog posts (I'll be honest - I'd forgotten about them as it's been so long) but this was a lovely read. So many memories.

So you never actually gave up then? Impressive. Sadly, I can't say the same and having been working in the US for a whole, I didn't expect to really return and sold my kit. Some lucky sods got themselves some real bargains as left-handed kit doesn't exactly fly off the eBay shelves! I was surprised to find a leftie archer called Ian (down in the West Country) though - he was very grateful to have my personalised Angel quiver!

Anyway, keep shooting strong and who knows, I might come back and try and give you a run for your money! Jamie's been an inspiration to all of us (although it should be mentioned, we both regularly caned him with a recurve!!!)


You actually read the whole thing?!

"I still get updates for your blog posts" wow that's mental!

I think I sort of gave up in 2013. I was definitely ready for a long break then. I've had a few breaks since then because of the kids.

Would be really great to see you back shooting too, but I totally get why you stopped. It easilly becomes very none fun when you can't quite get what you want out of it, especially outdoors. Like me you've never been one to just turn up and shoot some arrows. I think I said to you at the time to maybe consider just shooting indoors if you are thinking about coming back. As much as i love it, outdoors takes too much practise and time. Having to shoot 42lbs just to reach 90m is just way too much. I proved to mysel that I can only shoot well outdoors if I shoot practically every day. Who knows, maybe one day when the girls are older and if I find myself with enough time it could be possible, but for now, why bother? Indoors is quicker, easier, more of a level playing field in term of scores. I don't have to shoot a silly poundage, and I can go and do a morning session at a comp maybe once a month then go home spend the rest of the day with the family. If I don't have a good shoot (like yesterday, shot off of my button AGAIN, serves me right!) I don't feel like I've waisted a whole day.

So you're back in the hampton and now working in London??