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So it looks like this year may not be the all-out barebow drive I had planned. It's a shame as working hard all through the back end of last year and over winter to get my BB h/c to the low 30s I was looking forward to maybe a few county records and maybe a national placing or two. I am not booking tournaments before June and I am not shooting indoors to reduce the risk of catching/spreading the new virus. We also have a crowded outdoor shooting line so that will no doubt take a hit to. I'm 60 so low-middle risk but family members are very high risk but I think the government are way behind the curve for slowing the virus. So it's changing my practice to endurance reversals and 5yrd for a few months. I've never trained like this before, only shooting. May be an opportunity to really improve endurance and develop a perfect release :)

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Blank Boss can get boring after a while, so set challenges, mix it up a bit, shoot to music, etc while you work on that loose.