For Sale AFB by Dave Folwell


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BowTec AFB for sale. Built by Dave Folwell. Model is "Thunderer" and is 68" x 40# @ 28". Made in Osage and Bamboo. String, keeper and bag. ?250 buyer to collect South Hants.


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Hi Flatfoot
I think my husband may have already replied, but I thought I would also give it a go as he hasn't heard from you yet.
Do you have any photos of the bow as we are unable to view (350 miles away!) I know Dave Folwell's bows and am a real fan but would like to know a bit more about it please.
I have a brother living in Wiltshire so if the transaction went ahead he may be able to collect on my behalf (depending on how far from you) or alternatively I could arrange courier collection if you were able to package.
To deviate slightly, there is one BowTec bow which I am searching for, to add to my 'collection'. It it called the X-treme & I am looking for a bow of about 40 to 42lbs, although if a higher poundage was available then my husband would also be interested for himself. Just thought that you may know of someone else who had a Folwell bow as well as yourself.