After 4 years recovering, drawing 50# again!

I was diagnosed with Stage IV prostate cancer in 2015. The kindly old gal at the Prostate Centre said, " We're going to turn you into an old woman." She was right. The treatment involved chemical castration and radiation. I'm very grateful to the sex offenders in Australian prisons who shortened their sentences by participating in the drug trials that benefit me. My last shot of Lupron was in June, 2016, and my strength is slowly returning. My Birtwistle flatbow is 71" of smooth 45#, and it's now up on the wall, because I'm just now strong enough to draw to my anchor point, and hold there long enough to really aim well.
My present bow is an October Mountain Products Ozark Hunter, which I named Stax, because that's what she does. The flat trajectory of a 50#, 68" bow gives me scores that I've been waiting to see again. Tournaments may have been cancelled for this year, but this pandemic will pass into history.
Halleluja, I'm back!


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Fantastic news on your outcome - the more longbow archers the better, good to have you back