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Hi all and a Happy new Year

Just quick question to anyone familiar with the Spigarelli Revolution and AGB barebow rules.

If I am shooting at an AGB competition will I need to cover the belly of the bow with tape to cover the bolts in case they are used as sight marks?

Thanks In advance


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I've not been shooting barebow long but the rules seem very clear..."The bow must be bare, except for items mentioned below, and free from protrusions, marks, blemishes or laminated pieces which could be of use in aiming. Multi-coloured risers are permitted"
I have a multi coloured riser but now carry a roll of black pvc tape just in case a judge gets funny.


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I don’t think you do - the Revolution is marketed as a barebow riser and a member of our club has one as does his wife and they’ve never mentioned having to do anything to it for a competition.

I guess it all comes down to the judge’s interpretation of the rules on the day.



Thanks guys, guess I'll leave it as is and carry a roll of tape just in case ,