Agh! Riser damage, please give me your thoughts :(



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So... practicing, as you do in any spare corner of the home this time of year in the wind an rain, I have managed to suffer a gut wrenchingly annoying incident with my beautiful into max riser of only 3 months old :( My bow left forward but the finger sling slipped off one my thumb and I was not quick enough to save it bouncing limb tip first off the concrete, and then hitting an old metal door to the right of me :jaw-dropp taking what looks like nasty chunk out of the riser (although I think it is just paint?). I didn't know whether to swear or cry (so do a bit of both if I am honest!!) but now am A) Worried the riser is compromised (it seems to shoot OK still) and B) If/ How to repair it. Is it OK to get a car chip repair place to do it (considering the cost of the riser I think it is probably worth doing to save me looking at it every time I shoot for the next x years!).

So, so very sick and feel so utterly stupid- any advice much appreciated :(

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The window is one of the weakest areas, but I'd fill it with epoxy.

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The inherent strength of the carbon riser should remain strong enough to ensure future structural integrity despite the visual damage, agree with Timid Toad fill the area with epoxy (non rapid setting type) and keep an eye on it from time to time just in case :)


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Accidental damage policy on your house insurance?
If not, take your riser to a car paint supplier - they have a machine which will colour match anything and they will put it in a spray can for about ?10. Once you've got the colour match most backstreet body repair shops will fill and respray to as new for about ?50 (the big boys won't be bothered with such a small job).

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Epoxy (araldite precision, NOT Araldite rapid, which is pants) applied and warmed with a hair dryer (NOT a hot air gun), the heat will make it go runny and penetrate better but won't be hot enough to damage anything else. Alternatively Low viscosity superglue will soak in by capillary action and help prevent any water ingress.
I feel your pain, but it's probably just cosmetic and unlikely to have effected it's strength.