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Necroing this thread. Just to ask if there is an app for two sets of scores to be put on. My partner and i just want to be able to put both our scores on and keep a record of them. We only shoot target at the moment and noting competitive except against each


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I realise that this thread is pretty ancient, but I've just released a new Android scoring / sightmark app - Archer's Toolkit.
This started life as something I wrote just for myself and have been using for several years, but a number of others in the club wanted to use it so I finally got around to finishing version 1 and published on the Google Play store.

* The app scores all ArcheryGB and World Archery rounds
* Intuitive scoring and familiar scoresheet layout
* Score, handicap and classification predictions during shooting if desired
* Handicaps and classifications after every arrow shot (for all ages and bow-styles)
* Personal bests are displayable for each bow-style you shoot
* Rounds can be signed and witnessed and exported for emailing
* Rounds can be imported and exported to .csv in bulk or individually
* Manage multiple sight-mark groups including adding custom distances
* Missing sight marks are estimated by the app once you have three entered
* Tracks your progress over time using graphed handicaps

The app was literally released yesterday (6th October 2018), and I've set a discounted price of just ?0.99 for the next week.

Please give it a try and leave feedback here, or via [email protected].
You can get a refund from the Google Play Store within 48 hours if you aren't fully satisfied, so you have nothing to lose.

I hope some of you find it as useful as I have over the last few years.