Another question on draw length !!

colin P

New member
Will your draw length change as you develope your form?

As arrows ain't cheep I don't want to get them cut down to short , but I want to get on an use my clicker.


Yes it certainly can change a bit as you develop technique. However with the use of clicker extensions you usually have a couple of inches to play with in terms of clicker movement. It's unlikely your draw length would change that much. Don't forget that shortening arrows makes them stiffer.


A clicker extension makes a lot of sense. If you have over long arrows at the start, and you later start drawing further, you move the clicker towards the button. The arrows will now shoot weaker, because of the higher draw weight. You may or may not need to shorten the arrows to make them stiff enough again. If you need to shorten them, the clicker will need to be moved once more. So long as you have enough spare movement at the ciicker that should be OK.
The shortening and stiffening may not give a perfect match, but it is possible get close enough.


In this 3 years my draw length has change a lot, depending on shoulder position and lines, from 31",to 33"and back to 32".
It depends how you and your coach are developing the form to find the right way and procedure to make the rights line.
It takes time sometimes, but it worth! Money and results ;)