Any GNAS Field MB archers out there?

English Bowman

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If there are, what sort of badge did you get?

I got this today;

Surely that can't be it, can it? :jaw-dropp Should there be another part to it?

I don't want to seem ungrateful but if that's all you get I wouldn't have bothered claiming. I want my badge to say Master Bowman, shallow I know, but I shot the scores, I want a badge that's recognisable.:hissyfit:

Flying Whale

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Looks very similar to the target Bowman badges. Same colour, etc. Those do however say "Bowman".

I would be miffed with that too.

Big Bird

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This is not the same as mine it is a badge like the target MB ones but green as far as I can remember.

English Bowman

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Thanks, I questioned GNAS office about this and it looks like they sent me the wrong badge.