Any ideas on shoes?

Gavin Eisler

Golf shoes work for me, terrific grip with the wee spikey rosettes, our field course is slopey and slippy. Very flat and stable to shoot from. In Winter i combine these with seal skin waterproof socks, much better than suffering welly slap.


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I wear a pair of hiking boots, ideal for field courses in wooded areas.


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I have a pair of the Flex 360s, and they are superbly comfortable, and flat. But I only use them indoors, or outdoors if it's really, really dry. (I like them too much to ruin them, and they were expensive.) Outdoors I use either walking shoes or a pair of leather boots if it's wet. I've yet to find a problem with them, but they all have different heel and sole shapes. Makes no difference at all to my shooting!


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Barefoot is best :)
Coming from somebody who has been running barefoot for about 6 years now.
For the people who have mentioned that flat shoes cause this or that ache/ they don't your pains are coming from years of not having your feet flat on the floor :) your body has learnt patterns (look into bio-tensegrity) to cope with heels and when you change you feel it....really those pains are a warning sign that you need to get back to optimal. your body is NOT meant to be walking on heels....if you doubt this take your shoes off and have a look at what nature gave you :)


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Thankfully I do not have any problems with what shoes to shoot in When you sit down to shoot shoes don't matter.