[Horsebow] Anyone know where I can purchas a relatively cheap Horsebow


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Hi all, looking for a cheap (ish) horsebow for my son, currently a recurve target archer, but looking to have a bit of fun shooting at a longer distance target bit like clout. Was told that E-Bay was good but looking to spend aroung ?55 max, from E-Bay (China) they are all over that price then theres the postage.
Ay advice or links welcome, thanks

Yew Selfbow

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Take a look at the cheapo(ish) Chinese bows on Amazon
...but remember .... a cheap bow is cheap for a reason but, it doesn't mean your son won't have great fun shooting and to add a little more interest, get him to try shooting with a thumb ring.
....and if it breaks ... well... you can always hang it on your wall


if you can lay your hands on 2nd hand (e.g. via ebay)
Samick's SKB & Kaya KTB/Windfighter can be found for your budget
& come with the benefit of their brand name & generally proven quality.

I have acquired 3 SKBs this way (1 for me 2 for the club) & Kaya Windfighter (for me) this way, the latter being my favourite.

Of the unknown/anonymous brand bows I keep away from any wrapped in leather (& yes i have tried a few) as usually hiding under
there is a solid block/sheet of glass & the cast is poor.

The "honest" bows that show the wood-glass laminations are a different kettle of fish - what you see is what you get ;-)
I have a "Ming" style one - very good cast, reasonable finish & fun bow to shoot - although i believe a lot of these are made to
1 weight i.e. whatever it comes out to circa #40-#50. Mine came from China/HongKong, no import duty, turned up in week, but was double your
budget - but in my experience worth it.