Anyone using the Mybo Revolution?


Just wondering if anyone who has bought the new Mybo Revolution could share their experiences or opinions thus far?


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Yup I have and could not be more happy. I am a Merlin addict from the Max 2000 through to the Edge but as I shoot FSc ie a finger shooter I needed the extra axle to axle length. The Edge worked (38.5") very well as I am currently Scottish indoor and outdoor champion shooting it. I spoke with Ben Jones at Merlin asking if he planned a 40" bow he basically said watch this space!!
The bow is very steady with a perfect back wall, valley is just spot on for me but very adjustable. I also tried shooting a hoyt protec with XT3000 limbs but hated the valley or almost total lack of!!
So far I have upped my scores by about 10 points with a PB of 298 in a PIAA round at 20 yards AMFSc.
Bow setup is Mybo Revolution 27" draw set at 50# Cavalier free flyte magnetic rest, trupeep, Sanlida X10 sight with Mybo tenzone scope with fibre optic pin Bieter 1 metre longrod using Easton 2016 XX78 arrows.


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I've recently bought a Revolution 37, which I'm very happy with. :)

I've had an Origin for a few years, and liked it. I was planning to upgrade to an Edge, and even tried one when I had new string/cables put on the Origin, but the pandemic put paid to that plan. Fast forward to now, and I'd decided to try an Edge and Revolution side by side before deciding which to upgrade to. I was genuinely open-minded about which I'd come home with.

The sand-blasted anodised look of the Revolution is lovely - a sort of matt effect that makes it stand out in a sea of shiny. There are other differences between the Edge and Revolution that are far better described in Ben's video, but the decider for me, and the reason I now have a Revolution and not an Edge, is the draw-cycle. I don't know what Merlin have done with their clever cam/bow design, but the Revolution draw cycle feels dramatically different (and better!) to both the Edge and the Origin.

In a sentence, it feels lighter and smoother to draw the Revolution.

I shot the bow side by side with an Edge, and the Revolution "felt" like I was pulling less weight and was smooth throughout the draw. The Edge was also a smooth draw, but the draw seemed heavier through the cycle and it felt like it required more "oomfph" to start the draw than the Revolution.

Both Edge & Revolution have a better draw than the Origin and are noticeably better bows. Even though I was used to it, the Origin always had a fairly heavy-feeling draw... you kept pulling the weight until you hit the valley.

For me, the fatter grip on the Edge feels better than the Revolution. I've bulked-up the thinner Revolution grip with tennis tape... but honestly, that's about the only "win" for the Edge in a back to back comparison.

It's early days, but it's shooting straight after minimal tuning - basically just a spot of French tuning - and I'm loving the light/smooth draw.


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I agree with the Edge feeling somewhat heavier thru the cycle, the valley was pretty smooth too, it didn't have the big ' clunk ' that you often get. I've had it about a week now so it's still pretty new, the only other thing is I think I need 50# limbs as I had with the origin


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I also came down in draw weight on the Revolution from my Origin due to my vanished strength and stamina - 18-months without shooting in the pandemic did for me! And it was a good enough reason to spend money. :cool:

If after getting most of my strength back, I might fit some heavier limbs on the Revolution... though I might not. I'm shooting at 50m while I build back and I've loads of sight left for longer distances so I might stick with it as it is.

As you say, entry to the valley is smooth. It's not too deep out of the box and it's almost unnoticeable (no clunk as the cams go over!), but not so shallow that I worry it's going to snatch my arm off.

I still can't quite believe the light feel of the draw. At first I thought Merlin had given me the wrong limbs and the "lightness" from my Origin was due to that, but side by side comparison with the same poundage of Edge proved that Merlin seem to have developed a physics-defying weight-reducing cam! :unsure:


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Would you happen to know how much replacement limbs are? My first thought was to stick with the 50# that I was accustomed to but Ben kinda convinced me to got heavier as he felt for longer distances and windy days. more speed lessens the affect of the wind on the arrow. I'm not planning on shooting in excess of 50m and I'm almost certain that 50# DW can handle that range


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I don't know the cost of replacement limbs, but I'd contact Merlin and explain. I'm sure they'd be willing to discuss a limb exchange given the newness of the bow and your reduced need for a "punchier" bow. I've always found Merlin a delight to deal with and I'm sure they'd be open to a discussion.

I'm sure Ben is correct that more punch gives more margin on windy days, but my (only!) 40# Revolution hits 50m cleanly (despite shooting on a couple of gusty days) with more than 2/3rds of my sight track remaining. So, I'm confident that 70m will be easy for me to reach, and 90m will be do-able even with my 40# bow. For you, going to a 50# limb and sticking with 50m, will give you the best of both worlds ... a bow that is punchy enough to cope with weather and has a very smooth draw.