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I don't usually venture into the compound section, but a club member turned up last week proud of his Apollo Tactical bow and accessories. Does anyone know anything about these?

My first impressions are that it's cheap and nasty. I looked briefly at the bow, which was meant to be 28" but seemed way too short for that. I didn't measure it, but I draw 28" and I couldn't pull this back to my chin. I also looked at him drawing it, and it reached the stops before he was close to full draw. (I measured his draw at 28" on a light training flatbow) I altered it to 30" where it was too long, so then put it back to 28" where it seemed OK. If I get the chance I'll measure it properly.

The release aid supplied with the kit was dangerous in my opinion. It was a wrist release, with no safety, no means of adjustment that I could see, and such a hair trigger that you could set it off with a slight shake of the hand, or even according to the owner by blowing on it.

There were two sets of arrows, I haven't looked at them closely, but half of them were fitted with broadheads.

The sight was a multi-pin, the rest was one with a ring, and three brushes to hold the arrow centrally, and it came with a bow quiver and case. Obviously a hunting set up, but I've no idea if the basic bow is any good, or if I should tell him to send it back before it explodes on him, or as I suspect, somewhere in between.

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Cheap and nasty, no cheap and cheerful, yes. I have had a look at there web sight and it's a CNC machined riser bow so I don't think it will go bang. They seem to have cut corners by having a 1 inch drawlength adjustment instead of the usual 1/2 inch. Check the strings over and make sure it is not set at full poundage, 45lbs should be plenty for him and won't stress the bow too much
Generally there are no safeties on wrist releases. The safety is not putting your finger on the trigger until you are fully drawn and anchored. There should be an adjustment on the release aid, a tiny setscrew, if it is not there then bin the release aid and get another , it is not safe for use. Most important of all ' Get rid of the broad heads '.

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I couldn't see a set screw on the release, and unless I can find one have told him not to use it. This is why I was concerned about the bow. As you say the site makes it look good, but then it's a manufacturer's site, so hardly unbiased. I forgot to add, I've also told him to take the broadheads out of the case, not to carry them around, that there is no where I know of in the UK where he can use them, and if he happens to be stopped by the police, he'll have to explain why he has hunting equipment when hunting is illegal.