Archers Advantage Online vs Ontarget2


A few Questions here but here goes:

Currently reviewing my indoor setup and have found a high tear I can't seem to remove, with arrows on target at 20yds dropping progressively lower as I go down a 3 spot, recommendations online are:

1. Cam timing (checked, both stops hit same time)
2. Less tension on a rest (Using a .012" blade currently, tried .010" and .008"(no change))
3. Shorten arrow length

I've been playing round with both softwares, having entered my setup, AA says my 30" 2315's with 220gr points are optimum spine (at the lower end) however Ontarget2 recommends 28.5" 2315's with 180gr points would be better.
Shortening seems like the best option to get a better flight. Opinions?

What is others users preference between these 2 softwares?

Looking at another set of arrows and AA says they are way out but ontarget2 says they are bang on same dynamic spine as my 380 PTs and the "corrected" 2315 X7s. Best options?


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I've had problems with AA in the past which I've posted on here and don't use it any more for reasons of consistency. Depending on how one entered the data the results were different. Anyhow, I now don't bother with indoor setup. I just shoot .340 spine with a 160grain pile. I did go to 200grain pile but found the launcher blade flexed down under the weight and was concerned the blade springing back would hit the back end of the arrow.
The stiff setup works fine.


I did notice the difference in if I loaded up another set of arrows in the setup section, the results would be completely different.

Looking more likely that I may have an inch or so lopped off of these X7s to stiffen them up a bit. That springing could be what I'm seeing, last year I had a rest with angle adjustment and a near 40 to 45 degree setting, now it's the standard setting on a trophy taker.

More interested in other people's success with selecting arrow shafts to work with their setups from either these programs