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I absolutely understand this. I understand that a commercial enterprise would have concerns alienating advertisers too. But it was just an idea.

I can tell you what I don't need too; I don't need half a magazine filled with competition results that I'm not interested in, I don't need the inevitable six-monthly prepare for the outdoor/indoor season article, I don't want yet another airy-fairy mental archery article or to be told yet again how to use thera-bands or how to do squats. And I'm not singling out Bow International here; the Archery GB magazine is just the same.

On a more positive note I have enjoyed the following recent articles in the last three issues, or at least found them diverting:
- The smartphone app roundup
- Arrow care (even though a lot of it was quite obvious)
- Fixing recurve errors
- Designing a 3d course
- Fletching angles (even though the conclusion was unsurprising)
- Release basics

But we're talking two articles an issue here.

I'm trying to be constructive here, I'm a long time reader with a collection going back ten years. But I'm standing here with my money in my hand and thinking of putting it back in my pocket.
I did like the idea of 'photo of the month' in the last edition... though if that was in the centerfold, people could take it out of the mag, and pin it up, if they should so wish...


Does anyone read archery magazines?
Another magazine that havent been mentioned is the USA mag Archery Focus, online only, but in the subscription you get all back issues 22 years worth. Lots of training tips, it mostly directs to coaches but useful stuff. Simon Needham is doing a series of articles at the moment.