ArcherzUpshot is dead! What else is good


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I have been using the "pro" version of ArcheryUpshot for the past three years and really like it, especially the arrow placement and groups identification, and the ability to review my rounds etc on iPad at home.

Seems like the ArcherzUpshot guys have pulled the plug on the program, I can still use it on my iPhone, but there is now no server contact, no view of the results on my iPad etc.

So is there a current, similar alternative? Really want the arrow placement option still, with all rounds in. If it held all the classification scores and did handicaps too even better.


Hi mbaker74,

The info may have been lost in the 50-odd pages of the xringscoring thread but the app runs on iOS and Android devices (and apparently on Windows mobile too, although not officially supported), in fact anywhere there is a WebKit browser.

On iOS you can open the mobile app in Safari, add it to your homescreen and it operates as a native app. Same with Android/Chrome. No signal required except to upload shoots to the 'main' site.

It may not be as comprehensive as Archerzupshot (in terms of Field, 3d etc), and it is idiosyncratic, but if you're a target archer you might find it interesting.

It ain't going away, either. In fact, I have a complete rebuild of the mobile app coming soon - more info here (Facebook)




I'm not really trying to do a reverse Eve ;) ... it's just that apps are sometimes cross platform.

What I'd really like is a version of TargetPlot for Android. I'm not expecting that to ever happen, though. One of the two things that Palm really did better (the other is integrating the organiser bits of the device).


I used ArcherzUpshot until I discovered "XringScoring".
if you have a "Dropbox" account you can still transfer the Archerupshot Data to your iPad with the Backup/Restore routine - BUT Xringscoring has MUCH BETTER STATISTICS and you can view your data from ANY web browser on any device/PC, The Mobile App is less cluttered than the archerzupshot one and the only thing it does not do is manage Bow Setup data.
Xringscoring does manage "Arrow Sets" and links Sight Marks with each arrow set - so if you shoot several Bows its easy to manage your data - the only thing I have lost is Naming specific Bows/Arrow Sets and attaching Pictures to End Scores...

I have transfered (Manually) all last yrs shooting data into Xringscoring and dumped archerzupshot.... Apparently the US developers now run a Cattery and I never got a reply to any support questions - even asking their many sponsors seemed to hit a raw spot so its dead...

Support from the Author of Xringscoring has been brilliant and on going.... Great Service...