are there heavier alternatives to NIBB points available for X7 Eclipse?

Specificaly X7 eclipse 2114 and 2014
I'm just curious whether there are points heavier than the NIBBs that will fit. Doesn't have to be Easton, I'm just curious whether there are alternatives and what they would be.


I don’t know the answer to this but Top Hat Archery’s website will. You can also email them and they’re normally very helpful and very quick to reply.

I searched all over for heavier points for X7 Eclipse and settled on Top Hat Archery. They do field points for these arrows in 80, 100 and 180 grains.
I got the 100 and they fit perfectly. Quick service too.


In my 2114 X7's I have the Easton 2114 RPS insert (25 grain) and Merlin's 5/16 Ballistic RPS screw-in points, which come in weights of 80/90/100/110/125 grains.

So these are definitely heavier than Easton's NIBB point for the 2114, which is listed as just 78 grains on their shaft components chart.

There's also the Saunders screw-ins which (for the 5/16 size) come in weights of:

· Bullet points: 75/85/90/100/125 grains;
· Combo points: 55/65/75/85/90/100/125/145/150 grains;
· Field points: 75/85/90/100/125/145/175/200/225/250 grains;

but I've not tried any of these myself as I couldn't get hold of them when I bought my X7 shafts.

There are also some other brands/makers of RPS compatible screw-in points, but none seem to offer a wide range of weights in the 5/16 diameter needed for the 2114 shaft.


Not to mention the old fallback of melting solder into the normal points to increase the weight...