Armex blue and carbon arrows :-/


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Hi Guys,

I suspect this comes up often, but maybe somebody could answer or link me to the best discussion?

I was 'generously' given 20 Armex blue shaft alloy arrows and 30 Armex carbon arrows, unknown spine. My problem is, I was at an archery venue recently and the owner said that Armex arrows are band from his site and if he sees them being used, he snaps them in half there and then !!

I'm not sure snapping them is OK to do to peoples personal possessions, but the owner was totally convinced Armex arrows are dangerous!

I have a 30# bow and my daughter has a 15# bow. We are shooting (loose) Easton arrows at the mo, so perfectly Ok, but is this level of negativity towards Armex arrows justified?

We've not loosed them yet, are we safe to?

(trying to get the terminology right :) )


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They don't have a great reputation. They used to sell fibreglass arrows for compounds (!) which is absolutely inherently dangerous. They are cheap and pretty nasty. From your recent posts it looks like you are on a budget, but maybe this is not the way to go. For now, I would stick to equipment a proshop has matched to you and your bow. When you have more experience, you can match your knowledge against that of the venue owner, who probably has seen every arrow under the sun for 20+ years.


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I'm not particularly on a budget, I'm just trying to keep costs under control and not blow cash in all the wrong places in the early days of my new hobby like l always do ;)

I was given these Armex arrows by a club member (fire arms target club) who is not going to use them anymore for what ever reason. I'm actually getting ready to hand my new Easton arrows down to my daughter and buy some new ones for my new bow as I have apparently increased my 'draw' since buying them two weeks ago. My 1716 arrows were cut down for my 'draw' in the shop when I bought them recently.

The owner of the archery venue said my 1716's were fine to give to my daughter and would match her set-up perfectly well. He strongly advised I look for some longer quality arrows now my 'draw' is better (longer). This is all fine, and I will do that. he even offered to come to the local shop and help me match a new set of arrows to my new bow :)

I was just trying to find out if I should just hand back the Armex arrows and politely say "thanks but no thanks" ?

As always, it's hard to convey my whole situation and position on a forum.


They are probably OK to use on light power "leisure" bows at short distances. This is often what these types of arrows are sold for, where spine and various other statistics (straightness, weight matching etc.) are relatively unimportant. BTW it is very important with carbon arrows to check them for damage before you shoot them (regardless of brand, cost etc.) by giving them a flex and listening for any crunching sounds. Discard any suspect arrows. The bad stories you may have heard (people having arrows embedded in their hands etc.) generally involve shooting a knackered carbon arrow from high powered compound bows...


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Armex don’t have a great reputation.

However Easton do for durability, range options and cost effectiveness.

Look at your venue or another club and you will almost certainly see their racks of loan equipment for both beginners and more experienced archers will be stocked entirely with Easton products such as Jazz, Platinum Plus, Tribute and so on - they take a ton of use & abuse and have readily available tune up parts like nocks & points.

It’s what I recommend all our beginners to buy when they start to purchase their own kit after a beginners course.

Politely hand back the Armex and definitely take up the offer of company for the visit to the archery shop as an experienced eye can help massively when purchasing new kit.



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I have passed the Armex arrows onto the other club member that is also getting into archery at our rifle club. He is very close to the member that offered them to me in the first place and was present when they were given to me and showed an interest in them. I have warned him that they don't have a good reputation and are actually band in one of our local clubs.

I am personally off for my first club introduction with the second club in my area this weekend. I have asked if I can have some one on one bear shaft arrow tuning at some point with this club, and I will take their advice and see what happens :)

Thanks guys for your help.


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Hi I have some armex carbon arrows seem ok to me, they weigh in at 350 grains and used them quite a lot of times. The trick is to check them before a session and discard any that are damaged. I have not had to chuck any yet.


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Read this with interest and some surprise. I bought my lad an Armex Compound Bow Kit from 'The Range' and when I contacted Armex for more arrows I had an interesting chat with them. They told me they they are specifically entry to low middle level, they had a matrix of arrows which they stock with suitable usage against type of bow and were very certain to tell me that arrow type is extremely important and in no way did they say that cheaper arrows were suitable for compound bows or higher power bows; other than low power hobby kits and always to take advice . Honestly, not all people can afford high end products, especially when starting out so please put things into perspective, and whoever said he'd beak your arrows needs to think about encouraging people into the sport, not leaving them confused and perhaps be-littled?


I bought my lad an Armex Compound Bow Kit from 'The Range'
Is that "The Range" that sells everything household from plates to paddling pools to BBQs (and everything in between) or an archery shop?