Arrow material suppliers


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Same deal as bow woods thread.

Personally I've used

Quicks at Waterlooville - I get my feathers etc mail order from the large choice and go to the shop to pick shafts from a huge box, using the scales and spine tester provided.

and The Longbow Shop (Jaselpool on AIUK) - I got some premium sitka spruce shafts sent mail order. Quick service for well-matched shafts that seem to be stronger than the POC I've used.

for footings I've bought some lovely exotic bits cut to size from Yandles

Del the Cat

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Ooooh I didn't know Quicks would let you rummage through their shafts.
My folks live near Waterlooville, so I always pop in when I'm down there, good old fashioned service :)
When I'd finished building my Longbow they measured the draw weight for me on their machine, as I'd only done it on the bathroom scales. (I've got a decent tiller rig/scale now)


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Sure, I've spent hours rolling, weighing and spining shafts. Usually when the wife is testing some new piece of recurve kit I'll keep a mocking eye on her and sort arrow shafts with the other. They have several huge boxes to go through.


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If you go rummaging through the shafts at Quicks in Waterlooville, remember that they close for lunch. I've no idea if they kick you out or not, but it's worth bearing in mind.


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Richard head and the longbow shop sell horn pieces specifically for arrows - they are normally thin rectangles ready to slot in and trim to shape.