Arrow Rake


A few friends and I are setting up a small field course in a wood, we have the landowners permission. The one thing we were struggling with was finding arrow rakes at a reasonable price.

I have found the perfect solution buying paint roller handles that are designed to paint behind radiators. They cost £1.15 each from Toolstation and are strong and the perfect length.
I know of one shop that buys these, replaces the plastic handle with a wooden one and charges £20 for them.

I've tried to upload a pic but get a message saying that the file is too large.

Del the Cat

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The key IMO is good target setting utilising natural backstops, gulleys, downhill shots, cleared undergrowth etc.
Don't let anyone who never misses lay a course.


Yes paint roller handles have been the standard in my neck of the woods for many years, on mine I have wrapped the handle in tennis racket grip as it stops it rotating when being dragged through the undergrowth.

Of course I never miss, but they are ideal when searching for other peoples arrows. :rolleyes:


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Paint roller handles on cheap extendable poles are a really good piece of kit for hunting out shy wooden arrows that don’t ping our metal detectors (field full of rugby boot studs giving false positives). We also employ a couple of garden rakes when all else fails.



I had the most amazing fluke at my last tournament ; it was a long shot over a lake that I slightly underestimated; the arrow went low but should have been caught by the huge net behind it. Somehow it sneaked under it and should have been lost forever (it was an expensive ACG that I use for 50+ yard shots) but a very slim, solitary sapling caught it and was split clean down the middle.