Arrows for juniors


I'm still struggling to find the perfect solution for speed for my daughter.

I found an ok compromise which has kept me quiet for a while. That was the aluminium tribute 1214. However the problem with those has been retaining straightness. They start off well but quickly go off. We've been to tournaments where I've been checking the arrows and grading them in order of straightness. They are just too flimsy. They do shoot well when they are straight and they tune well. My daughter is shooting at quite a high level for her age and achieved the junior master bowman award this year.

I've got a set of acc arrows but they are too stiff. They are the weakest possible at 1500 spine but I can't get a good tune. The 1214 arrows come in at a 2500 spine.

She is currently pulling 18lbs at 23". Which puts her right in the Y1 column on the youth arrow charts. She has the limbs fully wound in (22# short limbs). We are currently looking for some 26# or 28# short limbs if anyone had any!

I notice that there are three other arrows in the Y1 box. Would any of the others offer an improvement? They are all 2000 spine. Either carbon one, Apollo or inspire. I presume they are all carbon only which would restrict them to indoor use only for us. Or are there any other makes who make stronger arrows like the acc in the range of 2000 to 2500?



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If for outdoors A/C shafts ae a must have you thought about keeping the arrows longer and if she uses a clicker use one attached to the sight extension.
This seems a popular solution in S Korea.