[American Flatbow] Arrows for my flatbow



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I should know better by now but here goes the usual question:

I have just picked up an Internature Long Bow which I believe used to be marketed by Quicks back in the day, it?s 30# @ 28? and my intention is to use it as a bit of gentle relaxation shooting , on a trip to France for some 3D and possibly my indoor bow for the coming winter season.

Now I have a lot of ali?s in various spines at the right length I?ve collected as my draw has changed, one of which is probably correct but I would prefer wooden arrows if I?m being honest.

Is the Easton chart reliable for flatbow? I.E. it says 1716 XX75?s on the chart

Would the jury recommend wooden shafts of 20-25 with 80gn points for this rig or something completely different?

Thanks in advance


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First of all, if you've got alis in the Easton group the same as the 1716 XX75s, give them a try. See how they go. Then you know if you are looking in the right ballpark. If they're ok, get the 20-25s, and as usual, I would recommend cutting your wood shafts on the long side and being prepared to shorten as necessary.


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Taken a while for me to get round to replying - sorry

The 1716’s shot ok through the bow but I was missing the smell of wood shavings so I picked up a set of 25-30 because that’s all the local archery shop had in stock and I was too impatient to mail order them. Allied to 100gn points & 4” funky purple shield cut feathers (clearance sale item) I gave them a run out at club on our short line.

The woods shoot much more sweetly through this bow than the ali’s, at 20, 30, 40 and 50yds my groups were significantly smaller - at 20yds & 30yds I was punching all six into the gold time after time much to the annoyance of many recurve archers :)

Didn’t make it to France having been laid off from my driving job - maybe next year - but winter indoor is upon us so maybe it’s time to dust it off again