Arrows - where art thou?

Martin Heelis

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Can I have a Fonz award for....

I arrived at the field for a normal practice shoot. Spent 15 minutes setting up my bow and then it was time to put on my quiver and get the arrows. No arrows as I'd left them at home!

I called a taxi to take me back to my house. We got to within 20 yards of my road and I realised that I had no house keys as I'd left them at the field.

Back to the keys...back to the house... got the arrows ... back to the field.

?9.50 down the drain in taxi costs :-( The taxi driver was amused though.

Rabid Hamster

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not a fonz I dont think ... but pretty funny.

A step up on me locking my car keys in the boot of car. Got a lift home (to get my spare keys) from then club treasurer who then took me to the OTHER street in glasgow with the same name as the one I live in ... and I didnt say anything for quite a while as I didnt want to suggest he didnt know where he was going!