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Hi All,

My son is moving back to recurve now he is shooting at the Uni he goes to, but as the limbs he had when younger were 66 - 26#, I think he may need either 68 or even 70 (waiting to find out what he has been using at the Uni, but its not the best gear). He is around 6' - 6'1 and has a draw of 29.5 - 30" would he be better on 68 or 70. Not had chance to get to the shop to try yet (still has the riser etc), and would like any feed back before we do anything.

He did shoot compound for a while, but wants to go back to recurve.

Thanks in advance

Timid Toad

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29.5 would put him at the very top end of a 68, but if he's likely to grow a little, both in size and form, he'll easily go over 30" and then you'll be in to 70" bow territory.


Thanks for the reply's all. 70" it is. Will have to start him around 26 again until he builds up, but seems happy with that :)