Backpack: Gillo vs Avalon Tec One


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After three years of use, I discovered that my Gillo backpack is nearly completely worn through on one side of the base.

I'm a bit annoyed about this; I love the form and function of the backpack, but I think it should have lasted longer than that.

Anyway, I'm looking around for another bag at a similar price point that has as much (if not more) room, and the Avalon Tec One seems to be a pretty close match.

Is there anyone with experience of both these bags who can share their experiences with them?

Alternatively, can any Tec One owners comment comment on the backpack? Can you remove the dividers? Would it accommodate a 27in riser comfortably?

Thanks in advance.


i'm using the easton club xt and can fit perfectly the prodigy xt 27", but i'm also looking to something bigger for a little more room.

in the club we have one with the aurora dynamic hybrid city, fit a 27" prodigy rx, but tight enough.

looking around i found this

i have the everest 44" when we fly and the all around quality from legend is pretty good for the price
i think to upgrade with this one next time


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Thank you! That Legend pack does look quite interesting. I'll check it out :)

For now, I've got the strongest thread and the biggest needle I have in the house, and have done my best to stitch up the hole. I think it'll last for a little while.