Barebow String walking point on at short distances


In the past shooting my Carbofast riser or my Spigarelli 650 riser with Border limbs 68" 36lb I could string walk right down to point on at a 5m bunny.
Using a Spigarelli 1300 with the same limbs I found it impossible to get point on at the shorter distances.
I have just started up again after a long lay off and have a WNS Forged 23" riser set to a neutral tiller with Border CV-W limbs 70" 32lb,making a 68" bow at about 36lb fully wound in.
Once again I find that I cannot get point on at the shorter distances,has anyone else had this happen or can give an explanation as to why this happens?


Is nocking point high enough? I found that a much higher nocking point was required with some setups than with others.

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Nocking point is set at one quarter inch,I will try raising it and see what happens.Thanks.


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Mocking point is something I am learning is super important. I can have it perfect for with no walking and it shoots like a dream. Drop down the string just an inch and it goes to pot, with poor/erratic flight. I therefore raise it until I am getting clean arrow flight at all distances and this tends to mean it is higher than is needed for point on or even 20 yds. I?m very new to this but just found that raising my nocking point by 2-3mm totally cleaned up arrow flight at shorter crawls


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My nocking point for short distance crawl is between 0.5 and 0.75" For longer distances I change my string to one with 0.25" high nocking point.