barnett commando 11 compound limbs


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so i recently bought a mk 2 wasnt cheap but when it arived i was gutted to see the limbs both were showing signes of fracturing on the concave centre area.ive tried everywhere to get replacements ,i know the rhino classic and lightening are the same limb used so on the look out for any of the 3 to replace them .ive contacted a guy in usa re making limbs he can but wont as he has a years work and wont take any more do we have in the uk a maker of limbs or can any one help me locate new or used replacements.i couldnt get my money back for it but in truth i wanted one of these for years and hoped ide rather find spares.ive secured cables new strings and the action draw springs .its ready to go bar limbs.any ideas or help much appreciated.thanks for looking .


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I had a bad experience with one of their compound kids bows (for my son) ; their customer service is dreadful. Wouldn't touch Barnett with a barge pole now.