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I have a Barnett's Commando 2 Compound for sale.

In EXCELLENT condition. I bought the xbow new from Barnett's store more than 16 years ago.
I havent pull the trigger more than 20 times all these years. This crossbow have spent most of it's life stored on a shelf.

The xbox features an adjustable front grip, a collapsible stock self cocking mechanism, and an analog scope sighting system that allows you to zero in a scope for different distances.

With all the original accessories.
A second string (still has the original string attached), lubricate, 14 arrows, the original 4 arrow quiver, original barnett's crossbow case, the 2.5x20 crossbow scope given by Barnett, 3 broadheads given by barnett.

And some quick photos I took yesterday...

More details:

The Commando II Compound incorporates all the unique features of a legendary crossbow from Barnett's past and integrates them with cutting edge technology into a superlative crossbow designed for today's modern, demanding, performance-oriented hunter. This crossbow combines a rear pivoting stock, sturdy locking arms and precision extruded cocking hooks with self-aligning roller guides, resulting in the most accurate crossbow on the market. With the addition of the Rhino trigger mechanism, featuring a short, smooth, ultra-light trigger pull, the performance of this crossbow is unequalled. Commando series key features Built-In Cocking Device, Roller Guides, Analog Scope Adjustment Gauge and Elevation Wheel & Locking Pin Sights
Barnett Commando II Compound Crossbow Specifications:
160-lb Draw Weight,
10-1/2" Power Stroke,
Foot Pounds Energy - 75,
Limb Type - Compound,
Wheel type - E-Wheel,
Arrow Length - 20 Inches,
Arrow Velocity - 260 Feet Per Second.
Note: Out Of Production.

If you are interested and would like some photo's please PM me your email and i'll send some through to you.

Looking for offers around ?700 OBO plus international shipping. Above 18years only.

Payment by PayPal, Bank tranfer only.