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Hey all. Going to be making cables and a string for a renegade dst 36 using bcy-x. Does anyone have any experience with this stuff to tell me how much it will stretch until 300 pounds of tension? I am shooting for 54.25" for the string and would like to get a ballpark as to where to set my jig.

On a different note, how many twists in the string are generally put in to bring to it to the manufacturer's specs?



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On twist count I have always used about 1 full twist/inch. So if your cable is 36" long I would go for 36 twists initially then add or remove depending on the ATA/timing for cables or draw length fine adjustment for string.

Regarding BCY-X I will be interested to see what replies you get. I had been using 8190 for cables and string @ 1 twist/inch, but found that although the stretch was not an issue the cables did creep from one month to the next. Note... I don't stretch cable or string before it goes on the bow. I now use 452X for cables as I have found only a tiny bit of stretch when it is first put under tension on the bow, but it does not creep at all. In the last six months the ATA has not changed 1mm. I still use 8190 for the string as it seems to stand up to wear better than the 452X.

I did some tests on both the 8190 and 452x. I used a single 1m long loop (2 strands) of each and loaded each loop with 30lbs, which I figured to be about the same as 20 strands at 300lbs. After 1 minute to allow the stretch to settle I monitored them for 1 day. The 452X did not creep at all. The 8190 did creep, about 6mm.
I would like to do the same test when I get hold of some BCY-X. My gut feeling is, with 17% Vectran will be somewhere in between but will not be surprised if it does not creep at all. Stretch will be dependent on the number of twists however.


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Well not much, depends more on your tying/knotting off

I have been trying out (tinkering :) )BCY-X recently. Have found that for me that approx 3-4mm extra length is all that I need. But that is with tying the free ends off with no slack (that took me a long time to get right, for one that wouldn't slip under load, and at the right length once the knot is locked)
Twisting at 1 turn/inch and 300 pounds load, settling seems to take 3-4 hours, after that no significant change over next 2 days. That usually leaves me 3mm or so over length, bringing pre-load back down 100 pound and few more twists (5-10) lowers the length back spot onto spec (ATA).
This all done with 20,22 & 24 turn BCY-X silver strings/cables. Likely to be slight difference depending upon the colouring. BCY state that the fluro colours are a bit thicker, due to extra coating, so they may settle a bit differently.

Best of luck.


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I've noticed the same thing...This stuff doesn't budge! I'm stretching the string after I've served the ends but before center serving. Is that OK? I have a jig and a separate stretcher. Unfortunately, I can't do both at once...

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You can always contact BCY they're very good with customer service and will answer any questions, you will get a lot of opinions but always best to get from the horses mouth