"Beat The Virus" Online Leagues


OK, I've mentioned them in other posts but perhaps it's fitting to give them their own thread 🏹

My recommendation is the one fronted by R-Core - FAR more recurve/barebow/longbow friendly targets which can be generated according to the range you have available to you.

The other is organised by World Archery, and seems much more suitable for wheelie-bowers. The targets are TINY 😔

I hope to start tomorrow, my tripod was delivered today, my boss is due tomorrow. I have a good half-dozen targets printed already & there is a stack of 80cm ones in the boss package - plus some 'novelty' ones.

It would be kewl to compete against those of you who live too far away to meet IRL, even after the crisis has passed & AGB returns to normal.

Stay safe, keep shooting 🦁


Guessing that nobody else has an @ home range. N'e'r mind.

I'm leaving this here, it's just a quick vid I shot to 'verify' my length for the online leagues...



So today I had a go at the WA league target - and abandoned in disgust after 8 arrows. I can't even SEE those tiny golds at 8m (and there's a good light directly above the face). It should be re-named the 'Online Cheats with Sniperscopes & Triggers' league IMO. If next weeks' face(s) aren't a LOT more recurve-friendly, that's IT for the WA league :mad:

WA 1.jpg

To restore my self-confidence I whipped out my 60" Big Bore Magnum Pro - as I've said before, it's PURE instinctive shooting, not even the simplest of 'sights' allowed, just a naked tube with a mouthpiece. MUCH safer, less stressful, vastly more fun & just as accurate.

Dartz 1.jpg

Dartz 2.jpg

...and the 'pipe (with a good supply of assorted darts) costs about the same as ONE fully-pimped A/C/E.

The Egertec boss is PERFECT for the pipe, and I can move it into the living room where it's warmer.

...Yes, I'm re-discovering my love for the 'umble blaaspijp.


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One problem with scaling down faces for distance is at very close range you need perfect bow setup or will will not get the same arrow movement from shot to shot. At longer ranges the arrow has time to settle out.
Just shot a WA40cm face scaled to 3m for 5.5mm dia arrows. Shot six arrows barebow before it started to snow! Would hope to be much tighter than this after sighters.

WA40 at 3m.jpg

LAC Mark

I'm shooting the R-Core league, put my first score in yesterday, 241 at 7m barebow with 7.6mm arrows.