Beiter Pressure Button



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4 out of 5 rating for Beiter Pressure Button

The Beiter pressure button is one of those pieces of kit that it is rare not to see on a top archer's bow. It is simply one of the best buttons on the market. The centre shot adjustment is easy, with two small Allen bolts holding the ring in place. The pressure setting is a doddle too. A marked out scale on the barrel shows when the spring is at minimum and maximum tension settings, and the marked out click adjustment allows for ridiculously fine tuning. Once in place, the supplied screwdriver can be used to lock the whole thing down for competition. The click setting is useful, as this means you can experiment with different tensions knowing you can return it to exactly where it was before. You can also write down the setting - it's similar to reading a micrometer - for a later date. The button comes in a neat tube, with clear instructions and a screwdriver, along with a special tool for tightening the button into the riser.

Overall it's a great button, but the price is certainly a little off-putting; many intermediate archers would perhaps be better off with the shibuya dx.