Beiter v-box


Few months ago I bought the new v-box.
I tried to tune it but I need more small weights to set the proper weight balance.
How do you use it?
Do you like it on recurve?
I'm on recurve, 32+15+3 fiber bow s3 with 46# and 32" draw

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It's so expensive I'm intending to try one when they start to come up second hand.


Mine maybe will be soon on sale, I can't find a good compromise on the tuning to keep the bow quite with the v-box.
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You just need time to find the right balance of weight and flexibility - so many options it needs time and patience.


Bought in April, shoot a couple of months with it, this week again to give another chance, tried 3 different stiffness of membranes, brace/tiller and different balance on the stab.
What i found is that it doesn't have so much damping for me, is still too stiff, don't absorb all the vibration from the limbs after the shot and I can feel it on the grip. I don't like it.
In my experience, is more friendly with a compound or a really high poundage limbs that have a more stiff and faster response whit a shorter vibration, I have 36# limbs and 46# @32" and is quite soft. I need more stroke on the damper to absorb all the vibrations.
Try to look at this to see how it work on a recurve, specially at 11:25 and focus on the stab and vbox it self
I still prefer to follow this kind of setup

Just my short experience with the vbox, I'm not a professional archer. Everyone should give a try....


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Don’t mean to be critical but to me it sounds like there is too much vibration in the system in the first place. No damper is going to magically zap all vibration. You either have stiff dampers that do less but aim better, or soft dampers that do more but aim less well.

There is nothing magic about the v-box, it just gives you a range from one damper.

You do get mismatches where certain limb/riser/stabiliser combos just don’t work that well together. Each item having its own set of harmonics. But biggest cause of excessive vibration is when you think your alignment is right but it isn’t. This will be exaggerated if you are shooting ultra light arrows like ACE. My current setup is terrible when it “looks right” with one set of adjustments but tweak to the other side of the compromise and it is quiet and vibration free. I’d usually be happy to shoot a bow in the first position but not this one!

It’s your call, if you have a steady hold then loads of weight on soft dampers will shoot fine but I’d be looking to reduce the vibration before you try to damp it.




Just don't fit my setting, I have tried too much on it. I will sell it anyway, too expensive for me, I was just curious to try it.