Belly Wood for Bows that can actually Buy in the UK - help



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Hi Guys

Made a couple Bows , 1 laminated and one yew self bow (yew came from tree in Parents garden - seasoned for 10 years but made while ago)
but now making couple laminated bows - found great source of Bamboo for backing and core Timbers from Wenan smith in worthing
but having trouble finding a local supplier of Belly wood.

So does anyone know in West Sussex (Henfield-Brighton area) or nearish
That has
Anything thats a good belly wood .

or any suggestions or what wood i can use that can buy in the UK (belly) and where to buy
I only want 1-2 pieces (2m x 45mmx 20mm) so dont need a place with expensive shipping or buy whole plank
IPE supposed to be great but cannot find any - have contacted Builders merchants , Decking companies etc - so any suggestions would be great
Thanks Mark


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Hi Erkat

Thanks i tried them few weeks ago when looking around for some backing but they only sold whole planks and as bit far away 1.5hrs drive they mentioned shipping was ?9.90 which means for 1 small strip of belly wood looking at ?50-60 , so was hoping to find a place could just pop into buy one IPE decking board or strip timber .
so anywhere else anyone knows would be great ..
thanks mark

if anyone wants good bamboo for Bows - I bought mine here ?3 cash per length
and seems good stuff thick and made for bowyers