Best archery scoring app?


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xringscoring - not reliant on phone operating system and since it works through a browser can be viewed on a desktop or laptop as well as your mobile device - also a lot of "extra functionality" particularly like the arrow mapping capability. Second to this has to be iArcher - a pity there is not an android version.

dave lpb

Another vote for Xringscoring it's a great app! I've tried several and found this to be the best especially with all the extra features and the ability to plot your arrows on a target face therefore being able to see your groups and therefore see any adjustment (if any) that's required. Iarcher is pretty good aswell but is a lot simpler as you just input the arrow score

Pete D

I have registered with xringscoring but the web page is "flat" when I log on, nothing seems to open..... Help


Hi Pete:

Hope you enjoy using xringscoring! There should have been an 'about' screen when the iPad was horizontal. If this isn't what you're getting, could you let me know which iPad you're using, iOS version etc via PM?

Many thanks



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iArcher for it's simplicity. Can simply score rounds and have sight marks at hand all the time. Perfect for me.

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I use different Apps for bow data and scoring. Arrownautics is the best for usability on a smartphone sized screen. Does not do placement but is capable of scoring multiple archers at once.

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Arrownautics for quick scoring and the ability to take pics do target faces with scores superimposed, then archerZupshot for target face plotting using the photos..


joe Schnur

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Undoubtedly ArcherZUpshot. They're good people, too. Great app easy to use powerful

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