Binocular strap


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Hi all, I bought a second hand binocular recently (Tecnar 8x30), quite happy with it does the job. I saw another archer tonight with a shoulder sling made out of cord that she used as her shoulder strap. I want to get one for mine but I can't find it anywhere.

Does anyone know where I can get hold of one?


Chances are it's made out of paracord using a cobra stitch/knot or somthing similar which is quite easy to do and loads of information on the net


Check out this topic on ArcheryTalk on paracord wrist-slings, lanyards, survival-bracelets, dog-leashes and what not. Find a knot you like, buy some paracord, watch youtube on how to do the knot and have a new rewarding hobby on making paracord stuff (or just a one off ; ).


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I made my own. Paracord cobra weave. For the shoulder pad bit you use king cobra weave (basically another cobra over the single cobra). Loads of vids on YouTube on how to do it. Two colour cobra weave looks good.

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Go ahead and do it yourself - I can barely tie my shoes in the morning and I had no trouble with a cobra weave.