Bitzenberger heli-clamp fitting

Bitzenburger heli-clamp fitting

Hi guys,

Does anyone know if a Bitzenburger helical fletching clamp will fit onto any flat surface magnetic jig? I can adjust the angle and extension of the flat surface of my jig a fair bit - the longshot clamp looks similar to the flat bitzy clamp.

I have never been up-close to a bitznburger fletching jig, so I am unsure how the clamp fits to the body - is it a flat-backed magnetic type arrangement? I can't find good pics to indicate how it fits together.

FYI my jig is a basic Quicks longshot



I used to have a Bitz, and as far as I recall the mount surface was flat... But that was over a decade ago, and I only had the standard offset clamp, so I'd prefer a more recent opinion over mine.
Thanks Rik - I should find out today - my pal is bringing his bitzy clamp in for me to look at (matron)

will update once i know

The bitzy clamp does have a flat (machined) back - and will fit inside the longshot jig (not too long) - some minor mods required - mag-plate slot elongation and a couple of extra neo-magnets to glue on (?2 including postage) - but this mod would work well for 5 mins work.

But I also looked at the cheapo Cartel helical clamp and that will also fit - and for only ?7.25 (again very minor mods required). So that's the route for me -

Will give me the option of my existing longshot straight clamp - or a helical clamp - for a few quid and 5 mins work.