For Sale Black LH SureLoc Challenger 550 with Beiter 039 scope.


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I went and bought a sight and scope not realising it was Left handed. I know I can turn stuff round but I can't be bothered fiddling so if anyone wants to make me an offer (sensible) please - the highest will get it within reason.
The sights is boxed and in good condition with a little wear to the number tape but nothing which stops it being read and the scope has been cracked in the past but has been repaired and is fully useable. It's basically been dropped and superglued but there's no chips missing just a line where the crack was. It's the clear body one not the black.

I will try and get some pics on here but I'm not great at that sort of stuff so if you send me a pm with a phone number i will text a pic.
P.S. if you do send pm pop a note on here so as i know. I will give it a week or two then wang it on ebay.
Thanks, Andy