Black Mamba Venom II Finger Tab


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Hi there. I'm currently in the market for a new finger tab. I shoot split finger with an English Longbow. I've heard good things about the Black Mamba Venom II tab. Does anyone have any experience with this tab and how it shoots? Or any other recommendations for tabs would be appreciated.

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I shoot a modified Kaya Soul tab - extra layer of thin leather & thicker finger spacer - for ELB, flatbow & recurve and it is awesome. The problem is they appear to have been phased out or no one is importing them as I'm finding it impossible to source a spare.

Worth trying to find one in your size though as they are a vey comfortable tab to shoot.


I use the Black Mamba venom tab myself - its a well built tab with good quality cordovan, it will definitely need trimming though - it is very generous on the size of the leather piece.

I personally like it alot, but it was not a particulary cheap option, once postage and import duties were taken imto account


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Thanks for the responses. I had a look around this site and others and have settled on an ACO Rugbii tab. It's got good reviews and is less than half the price of the Venom II. Can't wait to try it out as my current tab continues to p!ss me off!


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I've been shooting recurve with the Venom Original for the last 4+ years - I think its excellent and when I come to replace it will buy another


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I agree black mamba venom 2, but my son has a cartel and it looks to be good leather for the money.