For Sale Border Harrier GL for sale Left handed


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Left handed Border Harrier GL, 45lb @ 26 inch draw, but can be safely drawn to 28 inches according to Sid at Border archery. In excellent condition, but not used, due to having about 10 different bows. See pictures below of actual bow.

Currently sells for ?631.00 brand new, and I am open to offers on mine around the ?350-400 range. Not too fussed whether it sells or not, merely want to reduce the amount of bows sitting around not being used, and would prefer it if someone got some good use out of it.

I also have :

A Martin X200 left handed for sale as well. Good condition. Can't remember the poundage off the top of my head, but it will be around 45-50lb. ?325.00 new, happy to sell for ?150.00.

A KG archery KG Cobra designed be shot left or right handed (like an English longbow), but I've cut a left handed shelf out. Same sort of weight range, 45-50lb. ?269.90 new, happy to sell for ?130.00