Bow maintenance


Me and my son are definitely ?occasional? archers with fairly decent kit. I like to look after my stuff and am aware that apart from waxing the strings and a bit of light dusting, I do very little to ?look after? our bows; mines a Mybo Origin, his is a Hoyt Ruckus.

Anything else we should be doing? I think my cam bearings are sealed but his aren?t; any kind spray needed?

My rest (SS2) is getting a bit corroded, any way of removing it safely?

Thanks all!


Mybo Origin has a technical manual for downloading. I had a peek and it has a maintenance section on Page 6.
If the rest is showing signs of corrosion.... is that the blade or the body? I would rub the blade with WD40 or similar.
Bearings that are not sealed can pick up all sorts of rubbish if they are oiled and stay oily.
According to Merlin, the place where you store the bow is important... temperature wise and moisture wise.


Thanks guys. I?ll have a peek at the manual for mine (didn?t realise it covered maintenance!). The blade is a bit corroded on the rest; nothing else.

We definitely use them enough to not leave them unstrung!


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To deal with the rust - a gentle wipe over with some 0000 wire wool will take off the corrosion and then a tiny dot of light machine oil (3 in 1) on the thumb & forefinger wiped over the cleaned surface will provide a protective barrier to prevent further rust forming.

Don't oil the bearings. Unshielded bearings, if oiled, will pick up all manner of crud that will eventually turn into a grinding paste and wreck them. If you desperately feel the need to lubricate them then pop to a locksmith or DIY store to get some dry graphite lock lube which comes in a soft bottle and can be ‘puffed’ into the bearing. Shielded bearings should require no maintenance.