Brownell & Fast Flight+


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Through Sid's recommendation, and it works for me, I'm shooting Fast Flight + on all my Border limbs.
Just a "heads up" for anyone else who may be doing the same.

The "other" archery forum has been reporting, for the last couple of weeks, that Brownell have ceased as the manufacturer of string material, and that, consequently, Fast Flight+ won't be available. Search "Brownell" on the "other" forum.

Through reliance on that snippet of information, I've been taking the opportunity to get a couple of spools in stock, and found, on looking, that a number of online retailers are showing either no stock, or low stocking levels on black Fast Flight +.

It seems that some of the American dealers have been receiving letters from Brownell, and there are reports of 'phone conversations with the Company, which seems to give some veracity to the story.

It seems that it's something to do with the manufacturing machinery becoming outdated, and it not being economically viable to replace it.
The UK archery stores that I spoke to didn't seem to have heard this, but they were checking with the importers. Some had the "colours" in stock, but black was decidedly scarce.

Just though I'd post this, in the spirit of helpfulness. Maybe others have further information.
Not sure about the serving materials, but, just in case!



I can't see anything official, but webpage and twitter don't appear to have had any updates since March, the FB page has gone (if it ever existed) and Lancaster is discounting the string materials... So it doesn't look good.

DK Lieu

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It's understood in the States that Brownell has ceased operations. Whatever stock is left is all there will be. There was really nothing really special about Fast Flight + that is not available from BCY. The equivalent BCY material is probably Dyna Flight. Both materials profess to be 100% Dyneema, so I would expect the mass and elasticity for the two to be about the same.