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Hello all.

I'm looking for some advice on the Buck Trail Blackhawk 68" bow. I would like to get one as a first bow into Traditional Archery, the only thing is my draw length is causing a few issues. I shoot a 72" Comp Recurve bow as I have a 32" draw length. The question is will the Blackhawk be suitable, has anyone any experience with this bow at long draw lengths? Do any one have any other suggestions for a bow in a similar price bracket?

Any advice would be most welcomed.


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You could try asking gasman; I noticed in an earlier thread he bought one a couple of years ago and has a draw length almost as much as yours at 31 and a half inches.



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I don't shoot one myself but I know a few others that do and for the price they are a good bow I've witnessed some good shooting with one.

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