Can anyone identify this pressure button?


I bought a second hand pressure button to use with a different set of arrows. It didn't cost a lot but it wasn't quite what I expected.

It was advertised as a Shibuya, which I thought would match my other but it looks different. Did they do an older version (I can't find any photos of an older one).

It has a gold tip which matches the shibuya and the profiles of the end black bit matches. The lined knurling (if that is a thing) matches. However the threaded silver part is threaded all the way to the end, my other one isn't. The black bit that goes against the riser is also a different profile. My other one is flatter.




The problem with that style of button is that it was widely copied.
But as it's got the gold tip, if the action is smooth, it's probably just an older Shibuya (they've been around for decades, remember...)

ben tarrow

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unhelpfully, it looks just like mine.
I say "unhelpfully" because I bought it years ago and I've got no idea what brand it is, even if it has a brand.
On the other hand, I've been shooting with it for 20 years and it works well. Its smooth and does its job.


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Looks exactly like the Frankenbutton I made to fit one of my compounds. The continuous thread is quite sought after these days to get the depth of travel for a cut out compound riser hence I took a 20 year old Cavalier button and butchered a gold tip innards to fit. Could be anything, 20+ years ago there were lots like that.


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It's an old style Shibuya body with the new style gold tipped Shibuya plunger. The original would have had an all white tip. So it's all Shibuya. I have one here someplace.

The K type button had a screw on cap on a thinner spindle.



Hi Stretch. I had a K button and it was just as you describe. My memory has decided to remember what my button was called and forget what it looked like.
Now, where have I put my keyboard?!