Cartel Dacron string loop too small



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Just purchased some strings for new club recurves (WNS Progresser) - we got burgled during lockdown. And am having trouble stringing as the upper loop is too small. Measured 8 strings and some are only 30mm, and rest between 35mm and 40mm.
The 30mm can't slide down the limb past the string groove and are getting serving damaged. Also having to keep the bh low.
I contact the supplier, Alternative, and their response was everything is fine and to string without sliding the loop down the limb - and that's how they usually string a bow. Really sad response from a company I've had great dealings with for 15 years.

Is this normal with Cartel strings? Anybody suggest another supplier?

Richard Dandoroff
Rotorua Archery Club
New Zealand


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Products have to be fit for purpose. If these are club bows and being used for instruction, you want to show beginners how to safely string the bow, I would say they are not fit for purpose and send them back, but, as the value is so small, in this case I would probably change supplier. Sorry, can't help with other suppliers as I make my own.


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To be honest the only response I expected was Alt to recognise that this was a problem, and to give feedback to Cartel.
Even if only half the strings are usable then we're not too bad off.
I just wondered what other archers thought of the issue and is it normal to expect strings like this.
I've bought lots of strings for both Olympic Recurve and Traditional bows in the past and never had this problem before. I would say that the problem lies not with the supplier but with the manufacturer.
Cartel make a lot of archery equipment but is not known as "high end". As the cost isn't that high I would buy other manufacturers strings in future. There are a lot of makers of strings out there that post internationally.
One thing to think of is make sure you are not buying strings made for longbows as these have narrower limbs and use dacron strings so the loops may be smaller.


Alternative can be a good supplier until you complain something isn't right.
I complained many years ago that the cheap flat finger tabs were poorly sized only to be told I was wrong. This was despite the tiny childrens size being virtually the same as the large.
I was disappointed in this reaction as I had been a regular customer.