Cartel Triple Button

Barry C

New member
A few people in my club bought this to save money, what a mistake its total junk! It's made of super cheap metal and falls apart, in true Cartel old school style. Sometimes you have to spend money to save money, should have bought Shibuya ;)


American Shoot
I totally agree. It's not only poor quality but it also looks rubbish. I bought one for my second bow and it fell apart before I'd even shot with it. However, I did get myself Cartel's most basic button as a replacement and it's nearly as good as the Shibuya I have on my other bow.

Armchair Archer

New member
When I bought my set up, the basic set came with the cartel, but it felt really rough and jerky. I upgraded the package and it came with a striker, although this isn't as good as the shibuya, it feels really nice and smooth and so far has done me proud !!!!


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I've got one of these for a spare. While I would recommend the Shibuya or something else (Cartel click with Beiter bits in it, for example), if you can get it on the cheap it's worth it.