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3 out of 5 rating for Carter Evolution

TP Cure

Rated: 3 out of 5

I bought this in the midst of target panic, as most people would. I used it for a while but found it very inconsistent as to how much pressure it took to fire the release. I don't know if it was me or the release but I didn't like it.
I didn't have the + version so this may be better.
I believe this release to be ideal to use for a few sessions to get you comfortable holding on gold and pulling but not for general use. Its far better to learn to use a trigger or a hinge, or get an Evo off Ebay.
I now shoot a MAC release.

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4 out of 5 rating for Carter Evolution

With the Evolution it is important to fit the correct spring for your break setting. There are 4 springs supplied with the release 30# 43# 50# 59# (43# factory fitted).
This pdf shows the correct weight ranges at the bottom of the page.
If you fit a heavy spring (50#) and adjust for a break weight of between 20-30# it will become very inconsistent as to when it fires.
Once the Evolution is set up correctly and you are 'in the zone' with your shooting, this thing is a real spider killer.
However, I found that if the weather was playing up, my pressure into the wall varied which could cause it to fire when releasing the safety.
To sum up, when it is good it is very, very good, but when it is bad it is horrid!