Carter Whisper


4 out of 5 rating for Carter Whisper

The main reason I bought this release was that it puts the jaw close to my fingers as opposed to well in front. That helps me with my draw length. Long reach release aids mean that the string isn't back to my face when my posture is good. I have a Plain 1 for that reason, too.
The Whisper uses magnets to change trigger stiffness, and there are three set into the handle in such a way that they hold back the trigger, adding stiffness. The magnets can be removed without opening the case, and there are holes in the handle to store any that are not being used.By changing the positions and numbers of magnets in use, there are 7 combinations available.( 8 if you take all three out, but that leaves the trigger free to move about and not set properly.)
I have soft and bony fingers, so comfort is a problem sometimes. I modify the handles to get round that. This release aid requires minimal work to get it comfortable, which is good.
The thumb trigger is in just the right place for me. Normally I have to build my own trigger pegs to get what I want.
Even unmodified, it felt as if I had been using it for years.
The mechanism is crisp; more like a hinge than the other thumb releases I have used.