Case for taking a compound bow on a long haul flight?



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I am going to be taking my compound, arrows and other bits, long haul (with one change of plane) and wondering how others have transported compounds in this situation. I am flying BA and they do not require bows to be packed in any particular way. I will be checking my travel insurance too.

I think I have 3 options;
1) Use my bow case (soft Easton case) and wrap all my clothes etc round it in the case
2) Use a normal holdall/case my bow will fit in and wrap clothes etc round it
3) Invest in a hard case. I am concerned about how much these weigh.

I will be cutting wedges of packing foam to put in my cams.

Any advice and shared experiences would be welcome :)



I've not done long haul but I'm about to do short haul across the country in a wheeled hard case. All up, my Hoyt pro comp Elite, all arrows/tools/quiver, scope and tripod weigh 21kg incl the case which is just below our domestic weight limit (24-33kg attracts "heavy" charges).

Given the price of gear an investment in a hard case is a no-brainer for me.

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SKB or Pelican. They keep their value very well, so if you want to sell it in a few years you won't lose much. Both companies also do really good warranty work on wheels/locks/handles etc if they get torn off.