Cheap boss for the garden, 7cm or 14? Or something else?



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Had a dig but cant find a thread about precisely this

Looking at getting a few bits from Merlin this week and am pondering a foam boss

The 7cm is easier to transport (we go to Scotland a lot and plan to shoot on the deserted beaches when the opportunity presents), the 14cm tougher/safer (I assume)
Leisure Foam Target Mat 80 x 80 x 14cm from Merlin Archery Ltd

Shooting with 20lb max stuff currently though I hope to pick up a Samick recurve at some point - probably a 30lb Sage or similar. Dont think anything more powerful would be approriate in the garden

Traditional straw boss appeals too, and Merlin do one for similar money, but I am unsure of the lifespan / weight compared to foam


Straw is heavy compared to foam and isn't happy getting wet.
Another option, is two 7cm foam bosses one behind the other. The reasoning is that a single 14cm foam boss will get holes through and once made, the arrows pass through. With two separate layers, when the holes start to go through, turn one boss and not the one behind. That way the holes don't line up and you get a new lease of life out of them. Also, two thin bosses can be packed into separate spaces. Sometime the thicker boss won't fut either of the smaller spaces.

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If you want a straw boss you can have one.. I'll even throw in some round paper faces I'm close to cutting mine up and using it as stove fuel..

As Geoff says they rot if they get wet so it needs to be kept dry and foam targets font so are a lot less hassle..

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