Cheapish training limbs


Hi all,

I have changed to long limbs in the past few months from mediums, and have purchased a shiny new set of uukha XX's in 36lb. I like to have a lower poundage "training" set too, and currently have a set of Core archery foam limbs in 32/68 for indoor training. Previously I had a set of "Bamboom" limbs, cant remember who made them, again 32/68, which did actually go boom at full draw..... The Bamboom limbs shot with a really nice snappy feel, but were painfully slow, whereas the Core limbs are significantly faster but have very little feel...
For the new 70" option I am looking for another set but want a set that actually feel nice to shoot, with a good positive , snappy shot feel. I am not too bothered about the arrow speed as will only be using them at short range.
I was looking at Mybo synergy carbon limbs, but these don't seem to be readily available and significantly more expensive than I remember.....
As an option, I have been looking at either the samick Impress Carbon limbs at £108, or a set of Sanlida Athletics 7 limbs at £147 from Merlin.

Has anyone shot these limbs in long at around 30lb, or have any other recommendations for sub £150 limbs that feel great and have a decent quality feel?




I'm a big fan of Samick Ideal foam limbs - I have #36 (indoor) & #44 (outdoor) sets atm, fantastic value for money - Around £83 from Merlin. And in stock!



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I've always used the SF Axiom Plus for budget limbs. Now called WNS Axiom Alpha I guess. Around sixty quid.


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Another vote for the SF (now WNS) budget limbs. All the ones I've had have been straight and pretty smooth. Better than some limbs several times the price that I've shot, to be honest.


Yes, I've generally used SF limbs as budget limbs for training / rehab limbs too, with no complaints. I've had mixed experiences with some SF kit, but the limbs have always been fine.


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I bought some discounted Mybo Synergy Air limbs a few weeks back. The aim was to shoot shorter limbs indoors, and by that I mean on my landing. My 68 limbs put small holes in the ceiling :( but I shot them for the first time today, on the landing, 160 arrows and no holes in the ceiling :) They draw and shoot very nicely, way beyond the £69 cost and the finish is excellent. I usually shoot x tours outdoors and Winex limbs indoors so I have quite high expectations of limb performance.


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I’d also put in a recommendation for Xenia Krossen Woodcore (also from Merlin). 68” draws smoothly to 32” (they’re not actually for me but I did try them). Very nice and enjoyable to shoot. My normal limbs are Hoyt Velos. Generally I prefer woodcore limbs.



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We use SF limbs in club and they are great. Considering the thrashing they get through a multitude of beginners courses & as our archers progress we’ve never had a set fail which is the best recommendation I can think of.



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In that price bracket I'd be looking at KG Phoenix limbs.
Buy British!